JACQUEMUS’ Lavender Infused Anniversary Heaven

Known for his breezy, pastel coloured, summer attire, and monumentally little or large bags, Jacquemus’ 10 Year Anniversary runway show did not stray from this mould.


On home soil, encapsulated in a wonderful, rolling lavender field, he debuted his collection of bright hues, spectacular wicker creations, hats as large as his infamous bags, tailored jackets and chiffon dresses – there really was something for everyone. Nothing else screams summer holiday quite like Jacquemus.


The natural make-up and hair adopted by Jacquemus does not distract at all from the main player in his show, which is that of the beauty of nature and the influence he takes from it. The surroundings themselves play a huge part in this show, not only because of their influence on the designs, but because of their immense beauty.


Drawing inspiration I believe from Raf Simon’s 2012 Paris Haute Couture Show which was surrounded by walls constructed by thousands upon thousands of fresh flowers, Jacquemus’ show took the metaphor one step further so as to emphasise exactly where the inspiration for his creations comes from – nature and his home in the South of France.


Here are just a few of my favourite pieces from the collection.


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