2018’s A/W Trends, according to British Vogue

Hello again my lovely readers. Recently we have been graced with the September edition of British Vogue, with September generally the largest and most lavish publication in the fashion calendar, documenting the trends and statements that the coming months will reveal.

So, essentially, what this article will inform you of are the biggest and best trends that Vogue believe will be appearing this season, along with some example pieces to match with those predictions.

The first of those styles is 80s themed. Think sequins, micro-minis and strong shoulders for this one. Of course, Vogue has specified that this mode of dressing would lean towards the after-hours and what better way to brighten up those darker wintery nights. This Zara dress channels two of the above themes; strong shoulders and that sexy, still modern, micro mini. I love all the details of this dress, including the ruching, the tie front v-neck and the brown colour which will accentuate any summer glow.


zara 80s dress


Following on from the 80s theme, an easier way to channel your inner diva is the ever-fashionable monochrome: pairing black and white. This zebra print cami top from Topshop encapsulates another of Vogue’s A/W 18 Special Trends, that of Animal Prints making a return. I myself also seem to be warming to a leopard print, especially during the heatwave, and see myself experimenting with a little more animal print this Autumn/Winter season. This LK Bennet bag, which Vogue themselves mention in their feature, I think would make a really easy grab bag for all the essentials and would add a little more life to any colder day this coming season.




As well as the 80s making a reappearance, it seems their predecessor has also been given a modern twist with the 70s’ neutral becoming the palette of the season. Colours such as camel, chocolate and beige have “found fresh appeal”. To make this 70s trend feel more up-to-date, Vogue would advise you to wear these colours with slouchy silhouettes, layers and chunky jewellery. A vintage/retro shop would be the perfect place to find a belted, large collared camel coat and/or a faux crocodile skin bag.

The final trend to mention for this season is the ever-present joy of floral prints and motifs. Most commonly associated with Spring Summer trends, the bright, ‘overgrown’ floral hues have made their way into the Autumn Winter spotlight this year, making autumn quite the technicoloured affair. This ASOS Design structured tiered mini dress would make you the centre of attention at any event with its bright floral print and daring shape.


Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 14.16.57

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