Natural summer bags

Summer is here, and this year it seems there are a few very different bag trends floating around. One of which I find so perfect for Summer – the woven, natural material, (sometimes bamboo!) straw bags. Of course, no leather or animal products are used in the production of these bags, meaning they’re great for the fashion conscious too.

This higher end version of is made by Cult Gaia and can be purchased from Browns (online or in store). This is the bag which has been making the rounds on Instagram and very popular with the big names in online fashion too. What I like about this one is the strong, eye-catching structure that this bag has… not the most practical for a day running around throwing your bag on and off your shoulder, however. But beautiful nonetheless.

Slightly lower on the price range at around £100 is a bag made by hatattack, a husband and wife duo operating from New York. The daughter of this duo is now piloting their creative business and uses straws and fabrics sourced from all over the world. If you wanted to avoid a huge global corporate fashion purchase, this bag would definitely be the one for you. With its intricate and beautiful design, sustainably sourcing and not unthinkable price tag, this bag would be great for many seasons to come.amm333Now for some Zara options, because everyone needs some Zara in their life from time to time. I especially love the first option because it is similar to the Cult Gaia one above in the sense that it has a very strong structure which wouldn’t alter even if you stuffed it full (this is mainly a note for my Mum whose handbags tend to be a horrendously disorganised version of Mary Poppins’… sorry Mum)! In fact, I literally ordered this bag today so don’t tell my boyfriend. Finally, the cherry on the cake is that the bag comes in black. And yes, I am resisting it for now…


If you know me at all, you’ll also know of my love for all things bucket bag related. They’re a really stylish shape and a good size for an everyday bag; they’re not big enough to hurt your shoulders but sufficient enough to fit all the essentials (purse, phone, sunglasses case…). This Zara straw bucket bag comes with a long shoulder strap, or smaller circular handles, whichever takes your fancy. It also has a drawstring closure, keeping those essentials safe and sound.

Next up is a perfect beach bag from Mango. It’s a great size for storing towels, buckets and spades, rackets for beach games, huge bottles of water/beer, everything you could imagine! Also, a pretty friendly price tag too for a bag with such a generous size which, due to this, could also double up as a tote/shopping bag, for those days where everything seems too tempting.

This much smaller Topshop number has strong vintage vibes with the embroidered flowers. It has a bamboo handle and would be a wonderful daytime bag when the sun comes out. I can imagine dressing this one with some ankle-tie sandals, a short flowy summer smock dress and a wide brimmed straw hat.


Last, but by no means least, the best option for the super savvy and fashion conscious. This mini ‘market basket’ from bohemia has a wonderfully small price tag with a variation of sizes and is made from handwoven palm leaf. I also love the larger size options as great storage options for a ‘bohemian’ or shabby chic living room environment. Also looks amazing with the bunch of flowers, maybe from the weekend market. Unfortunately, they are not included with the purchase of this bag.




(All the bags shown in the article were available at the time of publication)


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